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Anti-climb Fence

 Anti-climb Fence
Anti-climb Fence
Anti-climb fence is also known as high security fence and 358 security fence.
358 Anti-climb rigid mesh is a high-security and very strong rigid weld mesh used extensively in Europe, Australia and South Africa. The closeness of the horizontal wires in this anti-climb fence also makes for a mesh panel almost impossible to grip, thus climb, when used as part of a fencing system, and thus the name "Anti-climb".

Specifications of Anti-climb Fence:

Heights above ground
Panel Size
IPE Post Size
Number of Beams
2.1 2500w x 2030h 22.3 2700 3
2900w x 2030h 25.87
2.5 2500w x 2410h 26.11 3200 4


Benefits of Anti-climb Fence:

Anti-climb: Wire wall welded security fencing is a superior security barrier for perimeters and critical infrastructure assets, such as bridges, pumping stations, fuel dumps, and chemical plants, and even for window screens, and security cages.

Anti-cut: Robust wire and welded joints make cutting very difficult.

Better visibility: Flat, two-dimensional profile, easier to see through than chain link.

Several mesh designs: Several framework types: "C" posts; round posts; square posts - whatever works best. Selection of coatings and colors: plain steel; galvanized; galvanized plus marine grade PVC in standard colors: black and dark green.

Applications of Anti-climb Fence:

Bridge anti-climb guarding &guard safety screening;

Sub-station security fencing;

Psychiatric hospital security fencing;

Factory machine guards;

Walkway security fencing;

Airport security fencing;

358 wire mesh fence gates;

Shipping port security fencing;

Electrical sub-station fencing;

Water treatment works;

Gas security window grilles;

Balustrades security fence as well as some other commercial/industrial security fence uses.

Anti-climb Fence

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