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Chain Link Fence

Chain Link Fence
A chain link fence is a fence "woven" from galvanized steel wire into a mesh or net-type configuration that forms a series of interlocking squares. This woven mesh is referred as the "fabric" of the fence. It is secured to steel posts embedded in the ground, often used to enclose schoolyards, parking lots, industrial property, tennis courts, baseball fields, and even residential yards. It can also be used to create dog runs, kennels, and animal pens, and is regularly used as a temporary fence to safeguard construction sites.

Materials :
Galvanized wire; stainless steel wire; PVC coated wire; High quality low carbon steel wire, Stainless steel wire, Al-alloy wire

Features of Chain Link Fence:
Chain link fence is long lasting and weather resistant.
Chain link fence provides optional security and protection.
Chain link wire mesh is easily customized for special jobs.
Chain link fence has great flexibility for variety of applications.
Chain link fence is available in a variety of dimensions and styles, as suited to your needs.
Chain link fence is one of the easiest and fastest fences that can be built.

Chain link fence is used as fence for sports field, river banks, construction and residence, also animal fence. Obviously, chain link fence is suitable for a wide range of application, for example for enclosing Lawn, Road. Steel diamond mesh has a heavy galvanized coating to ensure a long life.
Installations of Chain Link Fence:
1. Before proceeding to the actual procedure, you need to gather all the chain link fence parts, required to complete the task. These include the rails, posts, mesh, wire fabric ties and some tension bands.
2. Once you have collected the basic things, you need to gather other materials required which includes, measuring tape, pliers, hole digger, wheelbarrow, fence stretching tool, shovel, hoe, circular saw, stakes and carpenter's level.
3. The first step in installing a chain link fence is to determine your property lines and then install stakes in the ground, so as to indicate the borders and corners of the chain link fence.
4. Now, take the post hole digger and then dig post holes about, 20-25 inches deep and 7-8 inches wide. See that the holes aren't dug into a crooked manner. You need to dig a hole straight into the ground.
5. Mark the ground line (with a chalk) on the posts and then, when you install the terminal posts, ensure that they are two inches taller than the height of the fabric. Install the terminal posts in a hole with a concrete mixture of 2 parts sand, 4 parts gravel and 1 part cement. Ensure that the solution is heavy enough to hold the posts. Add sufficient amounts of water to the solution, as adding water in excess would weaken it, thereby leading to cracks.
6. Now, inspect the plumb, with the help of a carpenter's level and then ensure that the chalk mark stays at the ground level. Crown the post footings by moving the concrete away from the post, in order to drain water.
7. Install the line postings properly and then, let the concrete harden for about one day. Once, the base becomes sufficiently hard, stretch the taut in between the terminal posts. The taut should be positioned on the outer side of the posts at about 3-4 inches below the topmost part of the post.
8. Now, calculate the distance between the line posts and the terminal posts with the help of a measuring tape. Beginning with the terminal post, spread the chain link fabric till the next terminal post.
9. Now, take a tension bar through the very first row of the chain link fabric and then tighten the tension bar to the tension bands.
10. Fix the fitting material and then the rails to the terminal post. Now, slowly position the fabric against the fence and then install post joints to the gate posts. With the help of a fence stretcher, stretch the fabric and then position the top portion of the gate with the top portion of the fence. Secure all the bolts properly and then check everything for fittings and adjustment (if necessary).

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