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Chain link fence machine
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Full Automatic Chain Link Fence Machine

Automatic chain link fence machine

Chain link machine for manufacturing chain link fences of different sizes. The wire is taken in from the payoff stand and passed through the dies where the DIAMOND SIZE takes place. Different gap sizes. After passing from the die the diamond pattern wire is automatically thrown on the winding shaft in the stitching process. Once the stitching is complete the woven is manually glided down to enable the next stitch to take place. 

The chain link is automatically wound to form rolls when the desired length is manufactured.
The machine is controlled by PLC automatic controller, so only one person is needed to operate it.

Electric System:
The machine is controlled by PLC automatic controller
Germany Siemens PLC origin
The inverter is selected from high quality products
Low-voltage electrical from Germany Schneider
Electric&Machinery from Taiwan Teco Electric
Clutch from Taiwan YA CO,.LTD

Product Name Automatic Chain Link Fence Machine
Wire Diameter(mm) 1.8-4.0mm Feeding Wire numbers:two(Note:Steel Wire Standard:GB3081-82)
Mesh Size(mm) 30x30-100x100
Netting width(mm) 600--4000
Capacity(m2/hour) 60-120
Rated Voltage 380V,50HZ
Motor Power 9.0KW
Weight (T) 40
Outside Size 7000*1430* 1800mm 5000*1700* 1250mm
Delivery time  30days 

Two Ways of Edge Bending

The Production Process:

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