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NormaL Double Twisted Barbed Wire Machine

Double-strand Barbed Rope Machine
The double-strand barbed rope machine consists of a wire winding part and a wire coiling and twisting part, is provided with four wire uncoiling discs, is high in production efficiency, and is controlled by an advanced electronic technology.
Technical parameters:
Serial No. Item Unit Basic parameters
1 Motor Model Y100L2-4
2 Motor KW 3
3 Main drive shaft speed r/min 402
4 Barbed rope winding speed r/min 470
5 Rope pulling speed r/min 134
6 Rope coiling disc speed r/min 30-255
7 Main machine part mm 1900*1300*980
8 Rope coiling and twisting part mm 1800*750*750

Specifications of producible barbed ropes
Serial No. Item Unit Basic parameters
1 Bard distance mm 76  102
2 Twist number 4
3 Strand wire diameter mm 2.2-2.8
4 Barbed wire diameter mm 1.8-2.2

Normal Double Twisted Barbed Wire Machine
Normal double twisted barbed wire machine also name traditional twisted barbed wire machine,it is designed to produce screens with single or double-strand barbed steel wire,thermo-plated with zinc.The machine is of horizontal design,consisting of two parts,assembled together at the middle.It is safe and reliable in operation,capable of turning out high quality products with consistency.

Main wire diameter 1.8mm-3.0mm
Barbed wire diameter 1.8mm-2.8mm
Motor power 3KW
Voltage  380V/50HZ
Production capacity 70-100kg/h
Total weight 1100kg
Main machine outside dimension 1900mm(length)x980mm(width)1300mm(height)
Dimension of take-twisting part 1760mm(length)x750mm(width)x750mm(height)
Twisted number 4
Barb distance 76mm,102mm,127mm

Finished Products & Application:
 The above parameters can be customized according to customer requirements.
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