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Peach Post Curved Fence

Peach Post Triangle Fence
Because of some unique advantages, peach post triangle fence becomes a popular product in many developed countries, including the U.S.A., Japan, South Korea and in large cities of China .It is a beautiful, suitable for any hypsography, and convenient in installation.

Peach post triangle fences are made from two parts, high quality low carbon steel welded wire mesh and peach-shaped post. The fences also can be made from stainless steel wire, electro-galvanized wire, and hot-galvanized wire.
Processing: weaving and Welding 

1. corrosion resistance, aging resistance, sunshine resistance and weather resistance.
2. Easy to install
3. Elegant appearance firm structure
4. Relatively low cost


Characters of Peach Post Curved Fence:
Thickness of the post: 1.0mm, the plate takes shape passes the cold bending and the cold rolling. Its structure is simple; the shape for the rule semi-ellipse, the installment is convenient.
In the barrel suspension hook divides into several parts and by the gap longitudinal distributes evenly along the barrel in the barrel both sides.
In the suspension hook board becomes the arch-type and the elliptic barrel straight edge curved contacts, effective had prevented is pried open, has guaranteed the guard rail security. 

The Post Surface Treatment May Divide Into Two Ways: 
Galvanized and PVC coated, through this two way surface treatment, not only causes the post elegant appearance, has certain decoration function, may lengthen the post greatly more and more importantly the service life.

Peach post curved fence is widely used in express highway, railway, airport, the city roads, grand square and flower and grass fences etc. It not only protects the safety of vehicles and pedestrian, but also beautifies the space environment.

Post style Post size(mm) Post height(m)
Post 1 40*60*1.2 1.63
40*60*1.5 1.83
40*60*2.0 2.10
Post2 40*60*1.2 2.13
40*60*1.5 2.20
40*60*2.0 2.23
40*60*2.5 2.40
Peach post 50*70 2.53
70*100 2.60
Round post 38*1.2 2.63
40*1.5 3.0
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