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Reverse Twisted Barbed Wire Machine

Reverse Twisted Barbed Wire Machine
Reverse twisted Barbed Wire Machine for Two-strand Wire with Two-way Twists can produce the barbed wire with two-way twists. This way is easy to operate and install as they will not en-twist each other.


Motor 2.2kw
Rated output 40kg/h
Weight 1200kg
Overall Dimension 1900mmx1300mmx980mm
Wire collection part size 1300mmx800mmx700mm
Barb pitch spacing 76mm 102mm
Twist 4
Strand Diameter 1.6-2.8mm
 Wire Diameter 1.6-2.2mm
Rotating Speed of Drive shaft 432r/min

Finished Products & Application:
It is widely used in national defense, railway, highway, agriculture, animal husbandry and other industries

Finished Products & Application:

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